February 18 - March 26

Jack and the Beanstalk

Young Audiences


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The beloved story of Jack and his tangle with giants living in the sky. When Jack makes a deal to trade his beloved cow for a sack of magic beans in an attempt to save his home, he soon discovers that a magic beanstalk leads to all the riches he could ever dream of high above him in the clouds. But riches are not easy to get when they are being guarded by giants! Fe fi fo fum, I smell a brand new DCT show that is fun for the whole family!


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Week One
Sat: Feb 18, 2023
Sun: Feb 19, 2023
Week Two
Sat: Feb 25, 2023
Sun: Feb 26, 2023
Week Three
Sat: Mar 04, 2023
Sun: Mar 05, 2023
Week Four
Sat: Mar 11, 2023
Sun: Mar 12, 2023
Week Five
Sat: Mar 18, 2023
Sun: Mar 19, 2023
Week Six
Sat: Mar 25, 2023
Sun: Mar 26, 2023