June 18 - June 18

Drifters Platters & Cornell Gunter’s Coasters

Main Stage Concert


3 ACTS in 1 SHOW! 

Get ready to spend a nostalgic evening saluting three of the world’s most beloved musical groups – groups who were instrumental in creating the Rock & Roll Doo Wop sound. Come and hear three great acts in a grand 1950’s -1960’s style tour de force that pays homage to the groups that created America’s enduring musical heritage.

The show opens with the hilarious musicality of the Cornell Gunter Coasters.  Cornell Gunter was one of the founding members of the Coasters. When he left the group to form his own group – the Cornell Gunter Coasters – he took with him their comic essence, which is still captured today in their riotous on-stage antics. Today they are as much of a comedy act as they are a singing group. Even though all the original members have long since left the group, they still perform, in the immortal words of a WCBS commentator, “as if it is the Coaster’s music through the eyes of Salvador Dali. It is definitely not your mother’s music anymore.” Although it has been a while since Cornell passed away, his sister Shirley (an original member of the Platters, who had also been Cornell’s manager and the creative force behind the group) incorporated Cornell’s genius into the group’s ongoing repertoire.

Act Two of the show features four of America’s premier singers performing as The Platters. Built around the talents of legendary lead singer Kenny Williams, the group captures the essence of the classic Rock & Roll ballad. Although all of the original Platters have passed on, their songs are still a mainstay of popular American music. The current salute to this iconic group includes such hit standards as “My Prayer”, “Only You”, “Twilight Time”, “Great Pretender” and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”  Of course, the unique element of the group remains the reliance on both male and female lead singers to capture the spirit of the show.

Concluding the show:  THE DRIFTERS…one of Rock & Roll’s founding vocal groups that is again touring the U.S. under the auspices of their original George Treadwell management team.  “Up on the Roof.”  “Under the Boardwalk.”  “This Magic Moment.” “There Goes My Baby.”  “Dance with Me.”  “Spanish Harlem.”  “Stand by Me.”  The list of hits goes on and on. They were the first musical group to sell 2 million records with their pop classic, “Up On The Roof”. They were in the first class of Rock & Roll legends to be initiated into the Hall of Fame, and the first African American group to be inducted. Their classic tune “Under The Boardwalk” is the most played R & B record of all time. 20 million other sellers followed. They have played at the White House on 3 different occasions, gave a benefit concert in Berlin the day the wall fell, performed for the Pope, the Queen of England, Nelson Mandella and toured the world for the USO in 3 different war zones from Korea to Iraq.  And behind it all was George Treadwell and his family, guiding the career of this historic group. Once again the Treadwell family has come out of retirement to put together this great reunion of the legendary DRIFTERS with their latest American tour.  It’s a monumental celebration of their 50-year music catalog.

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June 18
Sat: Jun 18, 2016