Ritchie Valens by Ray Anthony



Ray is a veteran of the music industry. A talented musician, Ray is a self-taught guitar player, bass player, drummer, and songwriter. Some career highlights include “Rock and Roll Heaven”, “Legends of Rock and Roll”, “Superstars in Concert”, and performing as a guest artist in major hockey arenas in Canada. United States credits include “Legends In Concert,” “Legendary Stars,” and “50’s at the Hop” in Branson, MO. He has worked with legendary Elvis associates such as Charlie Hodge, and JD Sumner.

Ray was first turned onto rock and roll at the age of 7 while watching Elvis Presley in the “1968 Comeback Special”. He was inspired to stand in front of the mirror shaking his leg just like the king of rock and roll. Ironically, the Ritchie Valens tribute fell into Ray’s lap. While performing his 50’s and 60’s single act throughout Canada and the US, audience members began making reference to Ray’s uncanny resemblance to Lou Diamond Phillips in the 1987 film “La Bamba” and ever since he has become synonymous with Ritchie Valens. He has earned the praise of Ritchie Valens own family with Irma Valens (Ritchie’s sister) proclaiming, “Everytime I see Ray perform as Ritchie it brings a tear to my eye.”

Based in Las Vegas, Ray performs frequently with the “Legends In Concert” show at the Imperial Palace. Ray’s energetic approach to entertaining an audience plus his amazing live guitar playing equal an unparalleled “Ritchie” tribute.