Q&A with Ashley – Hansel & Gretel

Ashley DePascale

Ashley DePascale – Gretel

Who are you playing and can you tell us a little bit about the character? 

I play the role of Gretel. She lives with her father, brother and nasty stepmother in the woods. Her family is very poor and their evil stepmother treats them terribly. So they all decide they must stand up to her and escape. Gretel is definitely the smarter and more logical one of the two siblings. She can be a bit feisty and argumentative with her brother at times but she still cares for her family very much. She is also the driving force to help guide her and her brother, Hansel out of the woods and back home.

What do you love about this character?

I love her moments of spunk, courage, intellect and care in the show.

What are you doing to prepare for this role?

Well, at the moment, on top of learning lines, blocking, music and choreography; I am in the process of learning a German accent for Gretel. It’s definitely been a challenge for me. Especially with only 3 weeks of rehearsal. Whether they decide to keep the character accents or not, it will be a good learning experience.

Without giving too much away, what is your favorite line in the script?

It’s more of a favorite moment then line. It incorporates one of my all-time fav childhood dance songs by C+C Music factory. That’s all I’m saying!