Group Sales FAQs

How do I book a group sale at the Downtown Cabaret?

What are your group rates?

  • For groups of 30-74 tickets you receive a 20% discount on the base ticket price. For groups of 75 or more tickets you receive a 25% discount on the base ticket price. Please be advised that all taxes and fees will still apply per ticket

Does the group sale order need to paid at once?

  • Normally for groups of 30 or more that are booked with enough lead time, we set up a date where a 20% non-refundable deposit is to be paid by and then another date for when your final ticket count and the remaining balance will be due. If you are booking when there is not enough time to split the payments, we will set a due date for when your final ticket count and the full payment is to be made

What happens if I book a reservation but cannot find enough people to attend?

  • Until your final ticket count and final payment is due, you can cancel any ticket that you do not need on your reservation and we will adjust the total amount due accordingly. After your final payment has been made, however, we do not offer refunds on any unused tickets

Can I add tickets to my reservation after booking?

  • Yes, you can always add tickets to your reservation depending on availability. We would either adjust the final amount due or if your final payment has already been made, we will do an additional reservation at the applicable group rate. Please be advised that additional tickets may not be available at or near tables that you have already reserved

When can we enter the theatre?

  • We open the house 30 minutes prior to the performance. You will not be able to enter before then

What booked a reservation for my child’s birthday. What can we bring in to the theatre?

  • You can bring any food and drink into the theatre to enjoy during the show. Balloons and candles are NOT allowed to be brought in. We also have a birthday list in the lobby for our Young Audience shows where you can put the birthday child’s name down and the cast will sing Happy Birthday to anyone celebrating their birthday with us

Where can my group park for the show?

  • Anyone driving to the show can park in our attended lot on Lyon Terrace, which is across the street from the Cabaret. The price of parking has been included in the ticketing fees. If this parking lot is full, there is metered street parking available along with local pay lots

Do you do anything special for Girl Scout Troops?

  • We sure do! For Girl Scout Troops attending our TYA performances, tickets are discounted to $21 each (which includes all taxes & fees) and we also offer Downtown Cabaret patches for all Girl Scouts attending the performance

I have a question that wasn’t answered here!

  • For any additional questions, you can contact our box office at 203-576-1636 or email us at