2019/20 Children’s Theatre Season

Proudly Announcing our 2019-2020 Children’s Theatre Season 


Sherlock Homes and the Haunted Cabaret 
October 5 – November 2

It’s a choose-your-own mystery! Sherlock Holmes and his faithful sidekick, Watson, need your help to solve the mystery of the haunted cabaret. Put on your detective hats because this fun and innovative new whodunit asks the audience to decide what Sherlock and company need to do to crack the case.

November 16 – December 29

Everyone’s favorite reindeer is here to help Santa save Christmas! He may be a little different, but when a snowstorm threatens to cancel Santa’s annual flight, Rudolph with his nose so bright is the only one who can guide Santa’s sleigh tonight. It’s a classic Christmas tale about friendship, perseverance, and our differences making us special.

Three Pigs
January 11 – February 9

The Big Bad Wolf is back, and this time he will not let the pigs get the best of him. You might think you know the tale, but this is the real truth behind the story of the three little pigs that is sure to huff and puff and blow you away!


The Little Mermaid 
February 22 – March 29

Take a journey under the sea with us as our plucky mermaid princess risks everything for a chance at a better life. This exciting new adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story asks what you’re willing to give up to get what you want?


Wizard of Oz
April 11 – May 17

The timeless story by L. Frank Baum tells the tale of Dorothy’s journey over the rainbow to the mysterious and exciting land of Oz. Join Dorothy and her new friends as they travel down the yellow brick road in hopes that the wonderful Wizard can show them the way home.


Subscriptions on Sale: March 25
Single Tickets on Sale: May 1