January 13 - February 11

Winnie The Pooh

Young Audiences




Take a trip down to the Hundred Acre Wood to visit your favorite honey-loving bear. Based on the short stories of A. A. Milne, this brand new Cabaret original brings together Pooh Bear, Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore (and Tigger, too)  for the adventure of a lifetime full of fun, friendship, and family.


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Week One
Sat: Jan 13, 2024
Sun: Jan 14, 2024
Week Two
Sat: Jan 20, 2024
Sun: Jan 21, 2024
Week Three
Sat: Jan 27, 2024
Sun: Jan 28, 2024
Week Four
Sat: Feb 03, 2024
Sun: Feb 04, 2024
Week Five
Sat: Feb 10, 2024
Sun: Feb 11, 2024