Theatre for Young Audiences TYA

The Ugly Duckling

January 07 - February 05

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The timeless story of the duckling who doesn’t belong and his journey to becoming a beautiful swan, but this is unlike any Ugly Duckling you’ve ever seen before. This hilarious new adaptation is a true Cabaret original with all the fun, music, and magic you’ve come to expect about a poor little duckling who never loses hope and ultimately surprises everyone.


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Week One
Sat: Jan 07, 2023
Sun: Jan 08, 2023
Week Two
Sat: Jan 14, 2023
Sun: Jan 15, 2023
Week Three
Sat: Jan 21, 2023
Sun: Jan 22, 2023
Week Four
Sat: Jan 28, 2023
Sun: Jan 29, 2023
Week Five
Sat: Feb 04, 2023
Sun: Feb 05, 2023