October 20 - October 29

Decades In Concert: The 1980s

Main Stage Theatre






The Downtown Cabaret in partnership with Family Entertainment Live presents the third installment of our signature Decades in Concert series, The 1980s! Following the huge success of Sounds of the Seventies and Spirit of the Sixties, this production transports audiences back to the 1980s to revisit all the history and culture of the era where walls were torn down, we believed in miracles, and greed was good. By pairing historic media footage with music from some of the most prominent and influential artists of the 80’s such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, U2, The Police, Bon Jovi and many many more, Decades in Concert: The 1980s tells the story of America in the “Me First” decade from the rise of Ronald Reagan to the fall of the Berlin Wall and everything in between. This amazing performance with a talented cast will immerse you in nostalgic multimedia and transport you back to the decade that changed America and defined a generation!


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Week One
Fri: Oct 20, 2023
Sat: Oct 21, 2023
Sun: Oct 22, 2023
Week Two
Fri: Oct 27, 2023
Sat: Oct 28, 2023
Sun: Oct 29, 2023