February 24 - March 30

Alice in Wonderland

Young Audiences




Come with us down the rabbit hole for an adventure beyond your wildest imagination! When Alice follows the elusive Mr. Rabbit, she has no idea the adventure that is in store. Join Alice’s journey through a magical Wonderland full of strange characters like the Cheshire Cat, Mr. Caterpillar, Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts as she continues her quest to get back home.


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Week One
Sat: Feb 24, 2024
Sun: Feb 25, 2024
Week Two
Sat: Mar 02, 2024
Sun: Mar 03, 2024
Week Three
Sat: Mar 09, 2024
Sun: Mar 10, 2024
Week Four
Sat: Mar 16, 2024
Sun: Mar 17, 2024
Week Five
Sat: Mar 23, 2024
Sun: Mar 24, 2024
Week Six
Sat: Mar 30, 2024