Children's Theatre

Sleeping Beauty

April 14 - May 20

TICKETS: $19-$23
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It’s not always easy being a princess, especially when a wicked witch places a spell on you. But all is not lost for Princess Adelaide as long as she has her two magical fairies by her side. But even the best intentions can’t always protect the princess, and when the spell comes true, only a very special prince can free her.   

Our Children’s Theatre shows approximately run 75-80 minutes with a 10-minute intermission.

Director: Frank Root
Choreographer: Abby Root

APR 21-22
Sat: Apr 21, 2018
Sun: Apr 22, 2018
APR 28-29
Sat: Apr 28, 2018
Sun: Apr 29, 2018
MAY 5-6
Sat: May 05, 2018
Sun: May 06, 2018
MAY 12-13
Sat: May 12, 2018
Sun: May 13, 2018
MAY 19-20 (Closing Weekend)
Sat: May 19, 2018
Sun: May 20, 2018