Meet Zurie!

YOUR NAME: Chelsea
CHARACTER TRAITS: Spunky, Organized, Stressed
What is your character’s favorite candy? Gummy Worms
What is your character’s favorite subject in school? Student Council, I’m the President!
What is your character’s favorite part about the Fall? Crunchy Leaves!
What is your character’s favorite fall/Halloween/scary movie? The Mummy

Can you tell us a little about your character? Zurie is best friends with Lucine and president of the Student Council at Monster high school! She loves organizing and planning school events such as Halloween dance and is a bit of a perfectionist.
What do you like best about your character? She is a highly motivated girl who is always there to stick up for her friends. I love her sense of striving to achieve the best possible scenarios.
Favorite line your character says? “I’ll tell her what I always tell her when I don’t do my homework. I’ll say Stiles ate it”