Meet Volpe


YOUR NAME: Andrea Pane
CHARACTER TRAITS: Greedy, Egotistical, Manipulative
If you were granted one wish what would it be? To be a billionaire.
What is your most prized possession? A very expensive gold ring with a large ruby, stolen from a Prince.
What is your New Year’s resolution? To rob more people this year.
Who is your favorite puppet? Punch, of Punch and Judy fame.
What is your dream vacation destination? A private island in the Mediterranean Sea that I have bought with all my billions of stolen cash.


How are you and your character(s) similar/different? Volpe is a bit of an egomaniac; he’s very full of himself and believes he is a phenomenal actor. He is also terribly selfish and doesn’t care what sort of trouble he gets others into as long as he makes off like a bandit with some food, jewelry, or (hopefully) lots and lots of money. In this regard, I think Volpe and I are not alike. I do not enjoy ripping people off or being unfair, and I’m not as confident a performer as he is. We are similar in the fact that I do enjoy playing tricks on people, but I do it for fun instead of to rob them.

After reading the script, what message/moral did you come away with? The value of being clear with your words and being honest. The gift of being selfless – love is cyclical; you get what you give.

Favorite line your character says? “I was in an all fox production of The Tempest. The critics said, ‘Deeply disturbing. They certainly were onstage…’”

What is involved in playing multiple characters? Do you prepare any differently when playing multiple characters in a production? Like with any character you’ve got to figure out their motivations and run with that. Then, you have to create distinct vocal and physical characteristics that will help differentiate them. During rehearsals, I play with different voices and explore how each character would carry themselves, walk, use their hands, etc. I wouldn’t say it’s all that different to create multiple characters than it is to create one, but it certainly is a fun challenge to switch back and forth during a show.