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YOUR NAME: Ashley DePascale
CHARACTER TRAITS: Ditzy, a bit high-strung, animated, cheerful, light-hearted
If you could have one thing for Christmas it would be… A vacation. In Hawaii.
Favorite holiday activity? Gift wrapping and baking cookies for Santa… Watch out Keebler elves!
Favorite toy? Ukulele
Favorite holiday scent? Old Spice: Smells like Santa. Oh and candy cane too!
Favorite holiday song? Santa Claus is Coming to Town! Duh!


If you had to describe the production of The Christmas Elf in one word, that word would be…
Can you tell us a little about your character?
Twizzle is the second elf in command to Santa. She’s also Elvis the elf’s assistant. Twizzle helps oversee all the elves in Santa’s workshop. She is a total scatterbrain and a bit bossy with the workshop elves but it’s only to make sure everything works out in time for the big man.
What was your favorite childhood toy? 
I loved Barbie dolls. I had so many when I was little that my sister and I would put on Miss America pageants with them.
What was one of the best gifts you received during the holidays? 
Definitely when both my nephews were born just a few days before Christmas. They are 4 years apart in age but only a day apart with their birthdays.
Favorite line your character says? 
“Stuck at the Christmas Tree Shoppe”