Meet the Band: Desert Highway – The Eagles*

WithLogoB4jNEWWhen and how did your band, Desert Highway, form?

The current band was formed in the beginning of 2013. There were a couple of earlier incarnations of the group for a couple years prior to this current lineup. The band has been in existence for about 7 years.

What can patrons expects to hear during your tribute concert to The Eagles?

The Desert Highway shows encompass a journey through the Eagles most well known hits. This also includes the inclusion of the band’s solo ventures as well. Solo hits from the catalogue of Don Henley and Joe Walsh are sprinkled throughout the night. In addition, we like to throw in a couple songs by artists related strongly in some way to The Eagles. Jackson Browne is a great example of that.  Every show we play changes as we vary the song selection every time. Rest assured, the audience always leaves knowing they were able to hear most of their favorite songs.

Does the band have a favorite memory from a past performance?

We recall the feeling we had in 2014 at the Downtown Cabaret walking out on stage for three sold out shows.  The audiences were so enthusiastic and the roar of the crowd when we walked out in their anticipation of the performance they were about to see was electrifying. We have so much fun with our CT fans!!

What do you think makes your band unique from other tribute bands?

We take great pride in providing a totally live performance for our audiences. We have all seen many tribute acts, even other Eagles tribute acts for that matter, who add pre-recorded tracks in the addition to the performance they are giving. Everything you hear from Desert Highway is being sung and played in the moment you are listening to it.

Do you have any pre or post concert rituals?

We have an introduction we made before we take the stage for the audience to hear as we come on stage.  We always gather as the intro plays and wish each other a great show.  I always liken it to a sports team gathering before the big game.  Hands in the middle and a cheer kind of thing.  We love to play together as a band AND we are all close friends to boot.  Every show is an event and a new joyous experience for all of us.

Aside from The Eagles, who would you say is your biggest musical inspiration?

The band’s tastes in music outside of the Eagles are quite vast.  To list all of our musical influences would be a novel’s worth!  However, that diverse background knowledge of all styles of musical inspiration brings forth the finished product that makes Desert Highway unique in the first place.  We add our own flair of rock, jazz, classical and soul music into the realm of the Eagles music we interpret to the audiences we play for.  I guess you could say that another large factor that makes our band unique.