Meet Professor Ravena!

YOUR CHARACTER’S NAME: Professor Ravena Berry
CHARACTER TRAITS: A competent, organized and sometimes scheming teacher, she may go just a wee bit too far while trying to maintain order in her school.
What is your character’s favorite candy? Charms
What is your character’s favorite subject in school? Potions class
What is your character’s favorite part about the Fall? Besides it being great flying weather, there’s nothing like keeping the chill away by gathering around a nice hot bubbling cauldron!
What is your character’s favorite fall/Halloween/scary movie? Being that I did spend a semester student teaching at Hogwarts, of course all the Harry Potter movies.  But also Hocus Pocus.

Can you tell us a little about your character? Professor Ravena is a competent but demanding high school teacher who is extremely proud of Monsters High School. She is so protective of the school that she just may have a hand in creating some of the lore and rumors that help make the school the venerable place of monster education that it is today.
What do you like best about your character? Her cleverness:  Although her scheme is misguided, only a clever teacher could come up with such an elaborate plan!
Favorite line your character says? “Who spiked the punch?!”