Meet Pinocchio


YOUR NAME: Robert Peterpaul
CHARACTER TRAITS: Kind, curious, mischievous, fun, and very energetic
If you were granted one wish what would it be? To be a real boy – duh!
What is your most prized possession? I don’t have many possessions. The only thing I hold dear to me is my family!
What is your New Year’s resolution? To not tell any lies!
Who is your favorite puppet? I love the muppets. I met Kermit one time and he was really cool! He doesn’t even have strings!
What is your dream vacation destination? I thought Pleasure Island would be, but it turned out to be different than I expected! I would love to go to Disney with my family!


How are you and your character(s) similar/different? Lucky for me in real life, my nose always stays the same size! I can definitely relate to Pinocchio’s high-energy and eagerness to please others. I love how he is constantly trying to be the best he can be.

After reading the script, what message/moral did you come away with? This story is chock-full of so many! A big one for me is understanding that it’s okay to make mistakes in life, as long as you learn from them and, above all else, always strive to be a good person!

Favorite line your character says? Because I love Chinese food in real life this always makes me happy to say: “Woohoo! We’re going to pick up Chinese food!”

This is your first Children’s Theatre production at the Downtown Cabaret. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what interests you most about the Cabaret Children’s Theatre? I have been fortunate enough to be involved in the Mainstage productions of DTC and always had my eye on the Children’s Theatre shows. It’s such a special experience, and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to get to put a smile on kids’ faces! I have seen and admired so many of the past Children’s productions at DTC and feel lucky to be in this awesome version of such a classic story. You can find out more about my past shows at