Meet Lucine!

YOUR NAME: Ashley DePascale
CHARACTER TRAITS: intelligent, sassy, sympathetic, good-hearted, popular and a bibliophile (lover of books!)
What is your character’s favorite candy? A sucker
What is your character’s favorite subject in school? Literature classes of any kind.
What is your character’s favorite part about the Fall? Bobbing for apples. Tho she prefers blood oranges
What is your character’s favorite fall/Halloween/scary movie? Interview with the Vampire

Can you tell us a little about your character? Lucine is one of the popular girls at Transylvania High. Zurie the mummy is her best friend and confidant. Lucine is also a total bookworm. She would rather spend her time with a big stack of books than have Frankie Frankenstein breathe down her neck every second, who constantly insists they’re a couple. Though part of the in-crowd, Lucine sometimes feels lonely being the only vampire in school until Dracula arrives.
What do you like best about your character? I enjoy how Lucine stands up for herself in every situation. Especially when Frankie is bothering her.
Favorite line your character says? “Oh Johnny Depp. Calm my beating black heart. So mysterious. So artsy. So pale.”