Tell us about your character. (What you like about your character, their strengths/weaknesses, similarities between you and your character, etc.)

The Count de Chandon is a very well put together man. He is very suave and smooth-tongued. He has a notable reputation, he is liked by his community, and he has his own champagne! I think that he is a bit of a ladies’ man and can be a little cocky at times, but I really admire Philippe’s passion and his honesty. He has a passion for the arts and when he hears Christine’s voice he falls in love with it and eventually, falls in love with her. Throughout the story, he sticks to what he believes in. He’s always honest and says what he’s feeling. I see Philippe as someone who genuinely wants the best for people and always tries to see the good in them. This is a quality that I share with my character. I look forward to putting some of my own qualities into this character and really bringing him to life.

Is there a favorite dramatic/character moment for you in the show for your character?

My favorite dramatic moment for my character happens in the last scene. I don’t want to give too much away, but Philippe and the Phantom get into a pretty intense fight. Philippe takes part in this quarrel because of his love for Christine. After the altercation, the two men are left staring at each other. The stage directions read: “Then the Count backs away a step. He will not try to capture the Phantom, or harm him.”  I like this moment because it shows Philippe’s heart and I feel that it shows who he really is: a compassionate person who is able to show empathy. He could have continued to fight and hurt the Phantom but he chooses not to. His empathy for the Phantom is very admirable.

The message of PHANTOM is that music can alleviate the pain of life. How has theatre/the arts helped you during hard times?

The arts have helped me and continue to help me in my life. Finding theatre helped nourish the person that I am today. I was very shy and quiet when I was younger, and when I starting doing theatre I really came out of my shell and became a more confident person. It was life changing to find something that I enjoyed doing and to be surrounded by people who were so accepting and inclusive. I love theatre and the arts because they allow people to express their emotions in a safe way. They also allow these emotions to flow in a safe place. With everything going on in the world today art and music help bring people together. Music is also a huge part of my life and has gotten me through many tough times. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have music. I listen to music on a daily basis. Art in any form is truly amazing. Anything that allows someone’s creativity to thrive in a safe and fulfilling way is an astonishing thing.