Talk to us a little bit about your character and what he/she brings to the story.
Clopin is the king of the Gypsies. He brings some fun and laughs during The Feast of Fools and really shows a caring for his people throughout the show.

Were you familiar with The Hunchback of Notre Dame prior to this production? (Disney, Novel, etc.)
Who hasn’t seen the Disney movie at least 3 times? I have also seen the 1939 film, Charles Laughton was phenomenal as Quasimodo.

What is the biggest challenge you face in this role?
The biggest challenge is really creating a 3- dimensional character and not just a carbon copy of the movie or stage version.

What is your favorite line your character says?
“Could there be a country kinder to our race” in A Place of Miracles. That lyric gets me every time I sing it.

What is your favorite song in the show?

Rhythm of the tambourine. I love everything about it