Meet Grillo


YOUR NAME: Myles Tripp
CHARACTER TRAITS: Loyal, Level-headed, Wise
If you were granted one wish what would it be? I want to be a human!
What is your most prized possession? My Wings!
What is your New Years resolution? To become a better chirper!
Who is your favorite puppet? Fin!
What is your dream vacation destination? Disn… oh boy!!


How are you and your character(s) similar/different? Similar- we both sing! Different- I’m not a cricket!

After reading the script, what message/moral did you come away with? Lying is bad and telling the truth is ALWAYS good!

Favorite line your character says? Talk about a  nose job gone bad, you should go on botched!

This is your first Children’s Theatre production at the Downtown Cabaret. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what interests you most about the Cabaret Children’s Theatre? I love the family environment of the cabaret! I’m just so grateful to be apart of the family.