Meet Gloria!

YOUR NAME: Taylor Hoffman
CHARACTER TRAITS: Keeps to herself, likes to take her time and do what she wants, is a totally different zombie when she hears music.
What is your character’s favorite candy?  Gloria likes chocolate covered eye balls.
What is your character’s favorite subject in school?  Choir. Regular school isn’t Gloria’s favorite, but music makes school almost worth it.
What is your character’s favorite part about the Fall?  Watching American Horror Story.
What is your character’s favorite fall/Halloween/scary movie?  Definitely Evil Dead from 1981, not the new remake.

Can you tell us a little about your character?  She’s got a lot of attitude behind those dead eyes and grumbly replies. Gloria is her own kind of girl.
What do you like best about your character?  What I love is that she does whatever she wants – including just wandering around for no reason – but everyone still wants to be her friend.
Favorite line your character says?  Oh easy: aaaaaaghhhhh. Gets me every time.