Meet Geppetto


YOUR NAME: Lance Anthony
CHARACTER TRAITS: He’s a lonely man who realizes his life has passed him by.  He discovers his paternal side later in life and wishes for the son he never had.
If you were granted one wish what would it be? You can’t tell your wishes, or they won’t come true.
What is your most prized possession? My carving tools
What is your New Year’s resolution? Remember to say, “insect” not “bug.”
Who is your favorite puppet? I’ve always been fond of Lambchop
What is your dream vacation destination? What vacation?


How are you and your character(s) similar/different? I guess we’re similar in the fact that we’re both a little old to raise a child at this point. We’re different because I love the sound of crickets.

After reading the script, what message/moral did you come away with? Family is more than being related. And don’t lie.

Favorite line your character says? I’ll love you long after you’re gone.

What is involved in playing multiple characters? Do you prepare any differently when playing multiple characters in a production? For me, playing multiple characters is always fun. It starts as simple as giving each of them their own voice. Then there are physical characteristics of the way they walk or their posture. Costumes, makeup, and wigs put the finishing touches on each character.