Meet Gatto


YOUR NAME: Jessica Rahrig
CHARACTER TRAITS:  Airhead, hungry, greedy
If you were granted one wish what would it be? To be a billionaire
What is your most prized possession? Any food item. I like snacks
What is your New Year’s resolution? To be nicer to crickets
Who is your favorite puppet? Elmo
What is your dream vacation destination? PetSmart


How are you and your character(s) similar/different? We both could be a bit spacey at times, and we both love snacks. We are different in the sense that Gatto is greedy and follows Volpe’s commands, where in real life I like to think I am the complete opposite!

After reading the script, what message/moral did you come away with? Don’t lie!

Favorite line your character says? I like the rapping I get to do in the music!

What is involved in playing multiple characters? Lots of costumes and quick changes backstage!

Do you prepare any differently when playing multiple characters in a production? I have to create different characteristics and different looks and voices for each character!