Meet Garth West

YOUR NAME: Garth West
CHARACTER TRAITS: Smart, Caring, Kind and Positive
FAVORITE LINE YOUR CHARACTER SAYS: “Good! Then stop moaning and groaning and tell me what you plan to do.”

Had you read or seen the play before this production and if so can you share your first experience/reaction after reading/seeing the play?

I hadn’t seen the play or read the play until recently. I did, however, see the movie from 2008. After reading this amazing play, I immediately felt the power and warmth that was portrayed through the writing and story. Such an amazing feeling.

Why did you become interested in this production?

I’ve done musicals all of my theater career and have always wanted to attack a play to get a more in-depth feel of whichever character I’d portray. A Raisin In The Sun is iconic, and there are subjects in this story that I personally can relate to my life growing up.

Do you share any similarities with the character you are portraying?

I do believe Asagai, and I have many similarities. We are both kind souls with a mind to look beyond whatever is happening to find that light at the end of the tunnel or the silver lining.

This show takes on the themes of racial intolerance, the discovery of one’s culture and sacrificing for family – all themes that are still relevant in today’s world. How are you preparing to tackle these themes and what message do you want to portray to audiences?

Honestly, I’m preparing myself by living some of these very same themes. Sacrificing for family is a big one that I myself make a choice on every day. The message I’d hope to send to the audience is truth and honesty. For the audience to know that even though I’m not Garth West onstage, I’m Joseph Asagai and I’m still living the truth of who he is and what he stands for in this world.