Meet Elijah Manning

NAME: Elijah Manning
CHARACTER TRAITS: Honest, earnest, humble, thoughtful. A bit timid.
FAVORITE LINE: “When a cat take off with your money he don’t leave you no road maps!”

Had you read or seen the play before this production and if so can you share your first experience/reaction after reading/seeing the play?

I only read it in pieces when younger. Hadn’t read it front to back, but I’ve always known about it and what it represents. And how it seems always relevant.

Why did you become interested in this production?

I became interested because of my previous statement. Knowing it’s still a relevant play. One that speaks to any time and can resonate with many people.

Do you share any similarities with the character you are portraying?

I share the desire to have a more successful life. The desire to better myself and my family.

This show takes on the themes of racial intolerance, the discovery of one’s culture and sacrificing for family – all themes that are still relevant in today’s world. How are you preparing to tackle these themes and what message do you want to portray to audiences?

Issues of race are still present today. We can’t ignore them. We have to acknowledge and teach each other. Putting family first is always important. Whether it be getting in touch with what your family culture is or learning about your heritage. These can help us all to connect with ourselves. The best way is truth. Not to shy away. Face them head-on.