Meet Dracula!

YOUR NAME: Andrea Pane
CHARACTER TRAITS: Rational, Kind, Intelligent
What is your character’s favorite candy? Gummy Bats
What is your character’s favorite subject in school? Biology – that’s where all the blood is.
What is your character’s favorite part about the Fall? The days getting shorter and darker.
What is your character’s favorite fall/Halloween/scary movie? Dark Shadows


Can you tell us a little about your character? Dracula is a sweet young vampire, a shy, modest soul. He doesn’t really enjoy big changes in the afterlife, because for so long his life was predictable in a safe way, so moving to a new town and making friends at a brand new school is super scary for him. He just wants to know where he fits in with the other monsters at Monsters High School and doesn’t want to step on any toes.
What do you like best about your character? I love how different he is. He’s not like a vampire the way you might think. He’s not interested in hurting anybody or scaring them. He is gentle, caring and fun-loving, so in that way we are alike.
Favorite line your character says? “I’m really nervous, but it sure is fun!”