Meet Director Christy McIntosh-Newsom

“Priscilla” is, at its heart, the story about three drag queens, but in what way(s) is this a story for all audiences and not just fans of drag?

Firstly, this music is infectiously happy! Each song in the show is like a standalone production number with amazing wigs, costumes, and lights. It’s impossible not to smile while listening to these songs and watching this cast! Secondly, this story is for anyone who has gone searching for something more- whether it’s love or career or adventure. Though the three main characters are drag queens, their goals and desires are universal!

Do you have a favorite moment of the show?

It’s REALLY hard to pick a favorite moment in the show. We’re just about to finish blocking act one, so right now it might be “Color My World,” which is about transforming the battered and vandalized bus into something beautiful, but we’ve also turned the number into a big Pride celebration! It just makes me happy!

Do you have a favorite road trip adventure memory?

My husband and I actually drove from California to New York when we were newly dating! We were driving someone else’s SUV and it was loaded to the brim with luggage, as I was moving to NYC. I always laugh at how HORRIBLY wrong that could have gone because we’d only known each other for a few months- the whole trip could have been a disaster! But we had the absolute best time- we saw places I never thought I’d see and let ourselves be surprised and change our itinerary at will (who knew that Sante Fe would be so amazing?) and it brought us so much closer.

Who is your drag inspiration?

I adore drag queens. I am absolutely floored by the artistry of what they do. And just like any form of entertainment, drag queens have had to continually evolve and learn new skills. With the popularity of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” queens are now expected to be able to sing, dance, lip sync, be hilarious, create a brand, and have the best wigs, makeup, and costumes. And they just keep stepping up and doing it. I also love that no two drag shows are the same. I’ve seen performance art, burlesque, old-school lip syncing, stand up comedy and everything in between! So all drag queens are my inspiration for this show, but I have to give shout-outs to my personal GOATS: Alaska, Sasha Velour, and Alyssa Edwards.