Meet Costume Designer Jessica Camarero

“Priscilla” is, at its heart, the story about three drag queens, but in what way(s) is this a story for all audiences and not just fans of drag?

Unlike something like To Wong Foo, the characters in the show aren’t always in drag. Yes, they have many MANY moments (believe me! It’s a lot of costumes!) where they are in drag, you get to see the people behind the makeup and that’s what makes this a story for everyone. Under all that makeup and sequins, they’re just people who are going through things just like everyone else. I love the fact that we get to see that in the show.

The film upon which this show is based came out 25 years ago. Now that drag culture is so much more mainstream, how do you think the story has “aged,” (or how do you think modern drag references enhance the show?)

Given how “mainstream” drag is now, I think that it makes the show into this ever-changing beast. The references from the original movie are still relatable because they’re all part of the history that modern references are built on. Adding modern references to the show keeps it fresh for new audiences and people who might not be as familiar with the history of drag will be able to pick out the things that they know. Ultimately it makes the show more enjoyable for everyone!

“Priscilla” is “chock-a-block” full of dance floor hits. Do you have a favorite, and why?

The show as a whole has so many great songs that it’s hard to just pick one! It’s even more difficult because I’ve seen them with our choreography and our actors so I know how great they’ll all look and sound once everything is all put together. I Will Survive and Go West are pretty, though!

Who is your (or your character’s) drag inspiration?

Being as big of a drag queen fan as I am, this would be a very long list if I were to write them all out but a few of my favorites are Alaska, Trixie Mattel, Aquaria, Shea Coulee, Bianca Del Rio and Evah Destruction. Oh and of course our very own Loosey LaDuca!