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YOUR NAME: Cassie Carroll
CHARACTER TRAITS: Just as good as the Mattel Brand, affordable, opponent of makeovers, tolerant, loving, helpful
If you could have one thing for Christmas it would be… A Barbsie Dream Convertible
Favorite holiday activity? Festive tea parties
Favorite toy? Kent Doll – ooh la la!
Favorite holiday scent? Gingerbread Chai Tea
Favorite holiday song? All I Want for Christmas is You


If you had to describe the production of The Christmas Elf in one word, that word would be…

Can you tell us a little about your character?
Barbsie is the beloved toy of Emmy. She is a knock off brand but is just as good as Mattel! Barbsie stays committed to her toy friends but also looks out for Emmy and Jacob. She is willing to do whatever it takes to make the holiday season a great one for all of her friends.

What was your favorite childhood toy?
I had a baby doll who I named Carrie. She went everywhere with me and I could not leave the house unless she had a new outfit on and was packed up and ready to go.

What was one of the best gifts you received during the holidays?
I remember getting my first cell phone for Christmas. It was a prepaid flip phone and I knew where it was hidden in the house. At least once a day leading up to Christmas, I would sneak it out of the bag and just stare at it because I was so excited.

Favorite line your character says? 
Barbsie is here for you. Whatever you need to succeed, I’ll be right here with you. Together we can save Christmas”