Tell us about your character. (What you like about your character, their strengths/weaknesses, similarities between you and your character, etc.)

Christine is kind-hearted and genuine. When we first meet her, she’s on her own and searching for a place of belonging. She uses her music to form connections with those around her, and upon finding some success with her singing, she is suddenly thrust into the limelight feeling somewhat unprepared. Despite her shy and quiet nature, I find Christine to be rather brave. She repeatedly steps outside of her comfort zone to pursue the things that are truly important to her and although she may succumb to her fears at certain times, she finds a way to overcome them. Christine tends to believe the best of others and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, this makes her vulnerable to those who would choose to manipulate her.  But although some may see this as naiveté, I find Christine’s great strength is her ability to accept and love others as they are.

Why did you become interested in this production?

I find the story of the Phantom to be both haunting and beautiful, and I’ve related to the different characters at different points in my life.  A few years ago, I was in the ensemble of this production with another theatre, and I’ve been fond of the music ever since!

Is there a favorite dramatic/character moment for you in the show for your character?

I very much enjoy Christine’s dramatic journey throughout the entire show. Her confidence and compassion are put to the test and she certainly makes mistakes, but she finds ways to persevere. There are moments when I adore her…but also moments when I am terribly disappointed in her choices. A favorite moment of mine is when Christine learns certain truths about her new music teacher from Carriere, and how she chooses to deal with this new knowledge.

The message of PHANTOM is that music can alleviate the pain of life. How has theatre/the arts helped you during hard times?

I can say without a doubt that music and theatre are what I turn to most often for relief during times of great stress or emotional hardship. If I find myself overwhelmed, the next thing I know I’ll be sitting at the piano hammering out a tune, or I’ll go for a walk and listen to my favorite soundtrack. Even now, in the midst of rehearsals for Phantom, I step on stage with the cast and feel a wonderful release of tension from all the worries I carry around with me. Working on a production with other creative individuals and sharing it with an audience is a wonderful form of therapy for everyone involved. It allows us all to connect and be compassionate with each other – just as Christine would want for us!