Talk to us a little bit about your character and what he/she brings to the story.
Esmeralda is a free spirit who strives to see the beauty and good in the world. She brings compassion and an honest desire for a change. I love that she is such a strong female character. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right and she does what she wants.

Were you familiar with The Hunchback of Notre Dame prior to this production? (Disney, Novel, etc.)
I had definitely seen the Disney movie, but must have fallen asleep during most of it because when I re-watched it recently there was so much more to it then I remembered. Obviously the stage show is very different which I honestly enjoy more, but I’ve never been the princess loving type. That’s probably why I enjoy Esmeralda as a character so much.
The only other memory of Hunchback I have before this show is owning the Quasimodo puppet doll from Burger King. I also believe I had a cup with the movie poster on it and a BK crown with all of the characters.

What is the biggest challenge you face in this role?
The biggest challenge I face in this role is working alongside Nick Kuell. It is super hard to convincingly be in love with him because he’s so unattractive and annoying. He also smells bad. Just kidding! My biggest challenge will honestly be acting alongside my real life boyfriend Nick Kuell without him making me laugh or break character. I’m also bitter because I’m much funnier than he is but he gets to play a much funnier character than I do in this show. I just would like everyone to know I am MUCH funnier than he is. MUCH. FUNNIER.

What is your favorite line your character says?
My favorite line is when in the middle of pages and pages of music I just run out and yell “NO”. I also love my first interaction with Quasi in the bell tower; I think it’s a very genuine moment.

What is your favorite song in the show?
My favorite song in the show is either “Someday” or any song Ben (Quasimodo) sings. He’s insanely talented. No human should be that talented. It’s super hard to pick a favorite song though because the entire score is beautiful and I’m a sucker for big choral shows.